Divorce Mission Statement | Added November, 2014

A mission statement for your divorce is your compass guiding you away from conflict and toward peace. There will be many tempting distractions during your divorce. Your mission statement will keep you on track.

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Preparing for Divorce Checklist | Updated April, 2013

Planning is essential for success in all aspects of life, including separation and divorce. This Checklist is designed to help you achieve a successful divorce.

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Post-Divorce Checklist | Updated April, 2013

This checklist is intended to help consumers cost-effectively instruct legal and financial experts.

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Brochure | Updated December 2012

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Collaborative Divorce Research Summary | Added January, 2012

Research of 933 collaborative divorce cases generated valuable information, including relative costs and savings.

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Data presented by DFP member Art Kewin and used with permission of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.